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Kids / Sun-protection


UV clothing from Isbjörn takes good care of the sun's dangerous UV rays, so that children can enjoy the sun and summer without any problems. Made of durable stretchy nylon, with natural non-chemical sun protection (UPF +50).

The importance of UV clothing for children

For small children, sun protection is crucial for outdoor play. Especially during water play when the sun's rays are reflected extra strongly. On a hot day, it can be almost impossible to keep the children in the shade, but just as difficult to sunbathe the game. It can therefore feel nice to be able to dress the children for outdoor play, in a way that protects the whole day.

Something that can withstand swimming, play and movement. With a complete UV set, with a suit or sweater and tights and a cap, your child can play on land and in the water and be protected no matter where the sun is in the sky. Of course, UV clothing is chemical-free.

Children's swimwear needs to be designed to be opaque and protective without impeding play and movement. With our UV clothing for water play, you have many options and possibilities to adapt based on your preferences and needs. All children are unique and therefore a solution does not suit everyone. Therefore, we have made sure to be able to offer UV clothing in different designs and colors.

UV suits as swimwear

We have UV suits that provide comprehensive protection for the body during bathing and water play. With a single garment that smoothly provides complete coverage, you can dress your child for sun-safe play in a pinch. It is just as easy to buy two-piece solutions with a UV shirt and UV tights for easy variation and replacement when needed. All of our uv garments are available in several different colors so that you can mix and match according to your wishes and needs. Supplement your child's UV protection with a UV cap to protect both face and scalp. Our UV caps are generously sized with protection in the form of both screen and protection for the neck. With a practical buckle, you can adjust the size for the best fit. With our complete solution with UV garments with coverage of the body's most sensitive parts, your child gets complete sun protection for safe play all day.