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We all know that production of garments affect the environment. For every garment we can produce in recycled materials, we are very happy and proud. We continuously strive to make our garments in materials thoroughly tested and approved as not being hazardous to the environment. Our garments endure tough times when used, but can still be handed over to a younger sister, brother or a friend. Not only once, but twice and even three times. In this way we limit the use of natural resources. This is being environmentally friendly according to us!

4R - Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle reduce the use of our natural resources by buying less. When buying higher quality, your garment will last longer and you can reuse your garment to a sibling, cousine or friend. If necessary, we will always offer to repair your ISBJÖRN garment. This way we also save our natural resources. Finally, when the lifecycle of your ISBJÖRN garment has ended, we strive to make your garment possible to be recycled.

We strongly recognize the increased environmental awareness among our customers and how that influences
their buying behaviour. Young parents of today are very well informed and quite concerned about how different
chemicals in our environment effects our health and especially the health of their children.