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Mid season sale, up to 50%

Take the opportunity to invest in good functional garments at a discounted price.

During this year's big sale, we offer discounted prices on most of the range, everything from UV clothing, underwear, fleece as a middle layer, lined trousers, winter jackets, winter overalls. Of course, you can also find hats, gloves and other accessories among the sale.

Mid season sale has been around for many years, and is associated with the end of the season, and we are approaching a new season. We at Isbjörn of Sweden work with timeless design, which should last for several seasons, we work with non-fashion where we encourage our customer to consume something new every year. We create garments that last for several seasons and generations, we believe this is the absolute best for the environment, mother nature and for the wallet.

We are constantly working to improve our products, everything from improving the materials to adapting to safety aspects both in Sweden and internationally. When we mean safety, we mean everything from securing safety with laces on jackets, to updating reflectors. These updates mean that we sell certain products because there will be an updated version.