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KidsWear AB and the brand Isbjörn of Sweden was founded 2005  by two female entrepreneurs and mothers. The business idea was born when they had their first babies in 2001, not finding proper outdoor gear and wanting to keep their outdoor lifestyle, they took action and started Isbjörn of Sweden.
Isbjörn is a lifestyle brand. We equip the adventurer of tomorrow. Our aim is to make the best possible outdoor wear ever, for the ones that need it the most; our children. And we do so with the environment in mind, all the way! Isbjörn garments are made to endure a tougher climate and a harder use. It therefore came as a rather natural choice to pick the toughest bear on the planet as the symbol for the brand —the polar bear. The Isbjörn collection covers the age from 0—16 years, offering all necessary layers you might need for your child to be active outdoors, at day care, in school or in spare time with family. Today the brand is distributed at 10 different markets and by over 300 exclusive retailers all over the world. The DNA of Isbjörn is to bring true passion, technical performance and product sustainability into the world of kidswear and teenage outdoor clothing, by offering products in the same high quality as premium adult outdoor brands, adding some love and a fashionable touch to it and also taking an environmentally friendly approach when choosing the materials. We do not compromise! Why settle for less?! It is quite simple actually. What is best for your child is also best for the planet.

See you outdoors!
Maria & Camilla