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The independant bluesign® standard is the response to the dramatically increasing demand for textiles that are more sustainable and better for people, business and for the planet. 

The goal of bluesign® is to link suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and brands together to foster a healthy, responsible and profitable textile industry. 

The bluesign® standard is built around five principles: resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety.

bluesign® System Partner

In January 2013 Isbjörn of Sweden became bluesign®System Partner. As a bluesign®System Partner we recieve knowledge and help with our work to become even more environmentally friendly.

It is an on-going progress to produce new materials which are better for the environment without loosing function and quality.

Today over 80% of our material are bluesign® certified with the goal to become even better.