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Your integrity is important to us. Our Personal Data Processing Policy describes, for example, what information we collect, the purpose for which they are collected, how you can control your own information and how to contact us.

Personal Data Responsibility 

Nordic KidsWear AB SE556675- 5772, Västra Finnbodavägen 2, 131 30 NACKA, Sweden is responsible for personal data processing at Nordic KidsWear. Personal Data Responsible must ensure that Nordic KidsWear act in accordance with current legislation.


1) In order to handle orders / purchases

Personal data is processed to:


  • Deliver an ordered / purchased product or service (including delivery or contact details regarding delivery).
  • Make identification and age control.
  • Manage payments (including analyzing which payment solutions are to be offered).
  • Address control against external sources
  • Manage return, complaint and warranty matters.

The categories of personal data processed are:

  • Name
  • Contact details (e.g. address, e-mail, phone number).
  • Payment information (e.g. transaction reference, transaction date, card number).
  • Valid ID/ Social Security number
  • Account Number
  • Payment History
  • Order information, for example, which item has been ordered or if the item is to be delivered to another address.

Legal basis: Completion of purchase agreement


2) In order to promote products and services

Personal data is processed to:

  • Send direct marketing via email, social media or other similar electronic channels for communication.

The categories of personal data processed are:

  • Name
  • Contact details (e.g. address, e-mail, phone number).
  • Age
  • residence
  • Details of completed purchases.

Legal basis:

Unregistered customer - legitimate interest.

Recipients of newsletters and site visitors - legitimate interest.

The processing is necessary to meet your and our interest in being able to market products and services.


3) In order to conduct and manage participation in competitions and eventsPersonal data is processed to:               

• Communicate with participants who participate in a competition.              

• Make identification and age control.              

• Appoint winners and pass winnings. The categories of personal data processed are:               

• Name              

• Valid ID/ Social Security number number or age.              

• Contact details (e.g. address, e-mail, phone number).              

• Details left in the contest.

 Legal basis: legitimate interest. The treatment is necessary to meet your and our interest in conducting and managing competitions and events.


4) In order to handle customer service issues Personal data is processed to: 

•      Communicate with the customer and answer requests that come into customer service by telephone or in digital channels (including social media).

•      Be able to identify. 

Investigate complaints and support cases (including technical support). The categories of personal data processed are: 

•      Name

•      Contact details (e.g. address, e-mail, phone number)

.•      Your correspondence

•      Details of purchase date, place of purchase, defect / complaint on product.

•      Technical information about your equipment necessary for support cases.

•      Valid ID/ Social Security number 

Legal basis: legitimate interest. The treatment is necessary to meet your and our interest in managing customer service matters.

Sharing and transfer of personal data

Personal data may also be transferred for necessary processing to other companies that Nordic KidsWear collaborates with, for example, marketing, media agencies, distribution and transportation, payment solutions and IT services. When your personal information is shared with Nordic KidsWear partners, the data will be processed according to the Nordic KidsWear instructions and for the Nordic KidsWear account, and for purposes that are compatible with the purposes for which Nordic KidsWear has collected the information.

Nordic KidsWear can provide personal information to companies that offer payment solutions (such as payment service providers and banks) and companies that handle general goods transport (e.g. logistics companies and freight forwarders). In such cases, partners treat the tasks as independent personal data administrators in accordance with their own privacy policies and management instructions.

The information we collect from you is stored in the European Economic Area (EEA), but can also be transferred and processed in a non-EEA country. Any such transfer of your personal data is in accordance with applicable law.


Storage of personal data

The treatment is in accordance with current legislation and means that personal data is not retained for a longer period than necessary for the treatment. This implies that data will be deleted as it is no longer relevant or necessary for the purposes for which it has been collected. For promotional purposes, information about purchase transactions older than 3 years is not used. However, all handling of personal data always ensures high security and confidentiality.


Your rights and choices

Right of access: You are entitled to request information about the personal information we have about you at any time. You can contact Nordic KidsWear who will send you your personal information by e-mail.

Right to rectification: You are entitled to request correction of your personal data if it is incorrect, including the right to supplement incomplete personal data.

Right to delete: You are entitled to delete any personal data processed by Nordic KidsWear at any time except under the following circumstances.

  • You have an ongoing case with customer service
  • You have an ongoing order that has not yet been sent or has been partially sent
  • You have unpaid debts at Nordic KidsWear, regardless of payment method
  • If you have made purchases, we save your personal information in connection with the transaction for accounting purposes

Rights to Limitation: You are entitled to require Nordic KidsWear to limit the handling of your personal data in the following circumstances:

If you claim that your personal information is incorrect, Nordic KidsWear must limit all handling of these data while investigating whether the personal data are correct. If the processing of personal data is in violation of the law, you may oppose the removal of personal data and request a limitation of the use of your personal data If Nordic KidsWear no longer needs your personal information, it is required to defend yourself against legal claims.


About cookies

Personal data can be collected when you use and then the information about your use and the pages that are visited is stored. This could be technical information about your device and internet connection such as operating system, browser version, IP address, cookies, and unique identifiers. When visiting where our services are provided, different techniques can be used to recognize you to learn more about our users. This can be done directly or by using third party technology. This may be the use of, for example, cookies.

What is a cookie?

There are two types of cookies. One type saves a text file for a long time but has an expiration date. This cookie aims, for example, to tell you what's new since the last visit. The other type of cookie is a so-called session cookie, which has no expiration date. The text file is temporarily stored for as long as you are browsing a page, for example, it helps keep track of which language you want to use. As soon as the browser closes, the text file is also deleted.


Why do we use cookies?

At, we use cookies to find out, for example, which items you have added to your shopping cart. We also use cookies to get web statistics. We need this statistic to further develop The information is not available to parties other than Nordic KidsWear AB.In order to be able to use in its entirety, you must accept cookies, and you do so through your browser's settings. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can turn off cookies through your browser's security settings. However, this means that will not work as intended.


Handling of social security numbers

We will only process your Social Security number when it is clearly motivated for the purpose, necessary for secure identification or for any other reason. In cases where this is enough, we use your customer number this minimizes the use of social security numbers as much as possible.



If you believe that Nordic KidsWear improperly processes your personal information, please contact us. You are also entitled to file a complaint with a regulatory authority.  


Contact details

You can contact our personal information representative by Phone the number is: 08-570 319 18


Updates to our privacy statement

We may need to update our privacy statement. The latest version of the privacy statement is always available on our website. We will notify you of any material changes to the privacy statement, such as the purpose of using your personal information, the representative's identity or your rights.