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My name is Matilda and my littlesister is Amanda. The best thing in our life is actually doing arts and craft... But an exciting adventure with the whole family is also superfun!

To be outside is just the thing we do... The funniest is to explore and to be on expidition - crawl, climb, look and search for exciting things to fix and to build with. Especially when the whole family is doing it. My mom, Annica, she sometimes think that we climb a little bit to high or hiding a little bit to well under the stones, but our dad Torkel usually says that it's okay, most often.

Last winter we finally got to see mom's and dad's secret cave- It was SO thrilling! Outside of it there were fresh tracks from wildcats which we followed a bit. Then we all four crawled far back in the cave. Mom almost got stuck - She looked really happy when we got out again!
Wow, we were dirty then... And wow, how much fun we had!