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Was bedeutet Wassersäule?


Waterpillar is a way of measuring the degree of waterproofness in a garment to understand the garment's ability not to let water through. Waterpillar means that in practice you put a narrow tube on the outside of the garment (outdoor clothing), which you fill with water until water starts to seep through the material. When we say that the garment can withstand a water column of 15,000 mm, it means that the garment can handle a 15,000 mm (15 m) high pipe filled with water against the garment, without the water penetrating the material.

How high a waterpillar a garment can withstand is also affected by how it is used, a harder and more active use requires more of the material. Therefore, we recommend regular reinforcement with impregnation to ensure the full function of the garment.


To be sure that the garment is really waterproof, it is not just the waterpillar that you have to keep an eye on. Because even if the material in the garment has a high waterpillar, water can seep in through seams, pockets and zippers. Therefore, taped seams are important to keep an eye on if you want a 100% waterproof garment. Good to know; for a garment to be said to be 100% waterproof, the seams must also be waterproof.


Membrane is like a plastic film that is on the back of the outer fabric, made of polyester. The film, or membrane as it is called, does not let in the water droplets, however, the microscopically small steam molecules that are created by the excess heat from the body can penetrate through the membrane and out through the outer shell. This is how the shell garments and our lined winter garments are able to breathe and keep the child at a perfect temperature despite activity and regardless of the weather outside. Smart huh?


A shell jacket is waterproof but also has a breathability. A classic rain jacket made of galon is waterproof but does not have the ability to breathe. This means that a rain jacket without breathability can feel trapped and that you instead get damp from the inside. If it is cold outside, the risk is higher that the child risks becoming cold from the moisture on the inside, which has nowhere to go. The seams of our shell clothing are taped on the back of the material.

The seams on a classic rain jacket made of galon are welded, which usually has a shorter lifespan than a taped seam. When a welded seam breaks, it cannot be repaired either. If a taped seam breaks, it can be repaired from the outside with a special patch (TEAR-AID).