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Our materials


Should have the least possible impact on our nature, our water, our children, and the people who work to produce them. The environmental impact of the clothing industry accounts for about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions per year. That's more than all global aviation and maritime transport combined.

That is why we at Isbjörn of Sweden believes in create clothes that last a long time and offer our customers comfort and high function for a small climate footprint. We want our customers to use the clothes, pass on the clothes and then sell them! We want to create clothes that the next generation can be proud of.

(ERPS source, Europaparlamentet )


We are a Bluesign partner. The Bluesign standard means that the materials come from weaving mills and factories that work for sustainable textile production both for our nature, water, and for the people who work with producing the materials. As many as 97% of our materials are Bluesign certified.

Read more about Bluesign


Isbjörn of Sweden is a down-free company. We therefore use Primaloft in all our padded products both because it is vegan, provides extremely high heat in relation to its weight, and is water-repellent. Primloft believes that good functional materials should not compromise our planet. Their padding is made from recycled PET bottles and produced in a climate-smart way for the smallest possible climate footprint.

Since 2015, they have taken care of and transformed over 430 million PET bottles that have littered our nature.

Read more about primaloft


We only use Wool that is Responsible Wool Standard marked. This means that the wool comes from farmers who take good care of their animals and the land they graze on for a sustainable wool industry.


Forest Stewardship Council is an international organization that supports socially beneficial and environmentally friendly use of the world's forests. The World Wide Fund for Nature supports the use of FSC-certified wood as the method protects the growth of the forest instead of destroying it. Forest growth benefits our planet, ecological and animal diversity, and it generates income. Bamboo is a fantastic tree species as it has so many amazing properties. Bamboo grows incredibly fast. The fabrics made of Bamboo are soft, breathable, provide a certain natural UV protection, are naturally antibacterial and regulate themselves according to body heat and repel moisture. All our Bamboo is FCS certified.


Cordura is one of the most durable materials available and contributes to our products lasting longer and thus can be used for several seasons.

Our Trapper pants contain Cordura.

Read more about Cordura


In all our water-repellent outerwear, we use Bionic Finish Eco. It is a water protection process created to mimic the process that takes place in nature. It is completely free of harmful fluorocarbons, paraffin and formaldehydes. These substances are environmentally hazardous, linked to cancer and endocrine disruptors for growing children. We want to make clothes that protect our children, not harm them.

Read more about Bionic Finish Eco

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