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Should have the least possible impact on our nature, our water, our children, and the people who work to produce them. The environmental impact of the clothing industry accounts for about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions per year. That's more than all global aviation and maritime transport combined.

That is why we at Isbjörn of Sweden believes in create clothes that last a long time and offer our customers comfort and high function for a small climate footprint. We want our customers to use the clothes, pass on the clothes and then sell them! We want to create clothes that the next generation can be proud of.
(ERPS source, Europaparlamentet )


Our materials are an important part of our green promise. We use the most durable fabrics and certifications available to create durable, long-lasting garments - for tomorrow's adventurers


Merino wool is one of nature's own super materials - perfect for underwear and garments that your child wears closest to the body. Because merino wool breathes and transports moisture away, merino wool is warming when it is cold, and cooling when it is hot. Merino wool has longer and thinner fibers than other types of wool and is more elastic than ordinary wool fibers, which means that garments in merino wool keep their shape nicely. In addition, merino wool does not itch, so it is also suitable for children with more sensitive skin. All our wool is RSW-certified and mulesing-free.


At Isbjörno f Sweden, we use bamboo for several different garments. It is a fantastic material that breathes, is soft and comfortable against the body, and provides a certain natural UV protection. In addition, it is naturally antibacterial, regulates itself according to body heat and transports away moisture. All bamboo we use is FCS certified.


is a soft and comfortable material that we use for our durable t-shirts. Tencel has many good properties - it is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. In addition, Tencel is made from natural fibers from fast-growing tree species, such as eucalyptus trees, and is produced in a closed process. This means that 99% of the water, and the substances used in the production, can be reused. In this way, the production is resource efficient and has a low environmental impact.


For us at Isbjörn, it is important to work with recycled polyester as much as possible. In order for you as a customer to be able to make conscious choices, we label our fleece garments with how much of the polyester has been recycled. There are several different ways to recycle polyester, for example from PET bottles, fabric waste in textile production or from old clothes made of polyester. The fleece in our garments consists of a mix of these recycling methods.
One of the advantages of fleece clothing is that the fleece ventilates excess heat, so that your child gets help to adjust the heat. In addition, they are durable, comfortable and durable. In this way, the fleece garment has a long lifespan, and when your child has finished playing and adventuring in his fleece garment, it can be donated or resold for more children to enjoy.


We use nylon on Isbjörn in, for example, UV suits, but also in jackets and shell trousers. Nylon Tactel is a durable art material that dries super fast, feels comfortable on the body and transports moisture away from the skin. In addition, it has high elasticity and keeps its shape very nicely, even after many washes.



At Isbjörn, we only use wool that is certified according to the Responsible Wool Standard. It is a label that guarantees that the wool we use in our garments comes from farmers who take good care of both their animals and the land they graze on, which contributes to a sustainable wool industry.

If you want to read more about RSW, you can do it here: https://www.scsglobalservices.com/services/responsible-wool-standard


Protecting animals is a matter of course for us at Isbjörn of Sweden. Therefore, we strongly dissociate ourselves from mulesing. Mulesing is a painful procedure whose purpose is to prevent parasites from attacking the wrinkled skin of merino sheep. The Mulesing method is mainly used in Australia. At Isbjörn we only use mulesing-free wool. And we will always do that. If you buy merino wool garments from us, you can be absolutely sure that no animals have been harmed.


Forest Stewardship Council, FSC, is an international and independent organization. With the help of their certification system, they work for an environmentally adapted, socially beneficial and economically viable use of the world's forests. As the method protects the growth of the forest, which benefits our planet and its ecological and animal diversity, the World Wide Fund for Nature supports the use of FSC-certified trees. All bamboo that we at Isbjörn use is FCS-certified.

If you want to read more about FSC, you can do it here

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