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Here you can take advantage of high-quality products at a reduced price. Here in our outlet you can make good bargains for children, without compromising on quality. These products are as good as products at regular price, but sometimes we have to sell certain models because updates.


What is an offer?

We reduce the price of certain products during certain times of the year. It could be a seasonal sale, a mid-day sale or we sell out previous collections.

Why do we sell collections?

We work with Slow fashion, which means that our collections never go out of date. The design of our clothes changes very rarely, however we make updates and improvements in materials and composition sometimes, which means that we need to sell off the garment with the original material and composition.

Can you get priority on offers?

Yes, we convey our offers to our subscribers in the newsletter, so join and become part of the Isbjörn family, and you will stay informed about offers and sales.

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