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Hardshell Jumpsuit

A shell jumpsuit for babies and children is a highly versatile outerwear garment that provides your child with full freedom of movement during play while also protecting them from the weather, wind, and moisture. By combining the shell overall with various layers of thermal underwear and fleece clothing, you can easily adjust your child's temperature according to the prevailing conditions.

Perfect for when you're going both sledding and heading inside to eat at a restaurant or shop during the same outing. Simply peel off the top layer when you come indoors and put it back on when you go outside again.

How to wash a shell overall?

You should always follow the washing and care instructions provided on the label inside your specific shell overall. In general, our shell clothing for children is best washed with a liquid detergent. However, you should avoid using any fabric softener. Also, make sure to only spin at low speeds. When it comes to waterproof and windproof children's outerwear, the most common recommendation is to wash them at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius.

Is a shell overall waterproof?

A shell overall or other shell clothing for children (such as shell jacket and pants for children) is the outermost layer of the layering principle. Therefore, shell jackets, shell pants, and shell overalls for children from us at Isbjörn of Sweden are always both windproof and waterproof.

What is a shell overall?

A shell overall is a lightweight overall that children and babies wear as the outermost layer during spring and autumn but can also be used in winter depending on the climate and the layers worn underneath. The shell overall provides protection against wind and moisture and is combined with one or more warming layers underneath.

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