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Hardshell jackets

Waterproof clothing is not hard to find. Clothing with high breathability, which also takes into account the safety of our young people and our environment, it is, however, a rarer species. Our outdoor-loving youngsters deserve the best. Without compromises. Equipment that can withstand slightly tougher (weather) games, without giving way. Bring on the wet weather.

A shell jacket for children is very practical because it adapts to the weather and temperature. The shell jacket is perfect for active children who enjoy various physical activities or being out in nature.

The jacket is both windproof and waterproof and can be used all year round without problems. If it gets too hot or cold, just take off or put on a layer under the jacket.

A shell jacket's range of use is almost endless as it keeps both wind and water out.

With a practical shell jacket for your child or baby, your child is always ready for different types of weather and activities. If you are looking for a really hard-wearing jacket that can withstand all the rigors of a child, it is definitely a shell jacket that you should invest in.

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