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Jumpsuits are an essential part of our toddlers' wardrobes. Isbjörn has specially crafted jumpsuits that are the perfect fit for an active child to move around in on a daily basis. Our products are roomy, durable, waterproof, and comfortable making it great for outdoor play. It provides extra protection by including silicone straps at the bottom of the pants that wrap around the bottom of the shoe to prevent snow and water from seeping in.

Which jumpsuit for a 1-year-old?

When the child turns one year old, a baby jumpsuit is optimal to use. What you should think about for your child who has just started walking is that the garment should not hinder movement. From the year preschool is approaching, having jumpsuits that don't leak water and that are extra lined on the bum is important as children often sit down in the sandbox and on the ground. We take the child's motor skills into account when we design our overalls, not least for the smallest children. A spacious overall, pre-bent legs, is extra wear-resistant, waterproof and has silicone straps to fasten the pant legs with under the shoes is important to avoid snow and water seeping in. Children are different heights and you should choose a jumpsuit that fits your child's actual height, rather than going with a general age category for overalls. Most one-year-olds are size 86 or 92.

What do you wear under Onesies?

The clothes under an overall depend on the type of overall and how cold it is outside. Under a thick winter overall, an undershirt is optimal, on chilly days it is good to add a middle layer, for example fleece. It's smart to work with layers-on-layers under a scale overall.

Here's how to think about the layers under a child's overalls:

  • Closest to the body – wool underwear
  • The middle layer – sweater and trousers in wool or fleece
  • Outer layer – windproof coverall

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