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Our young adventurers need strong, durable pants that they can wear as they explore the world around them. Isbjörn provides a collection of bottoms that serve a highly technical and functional role in this mission. Made with environmentally friendly materials, these products are the most comfortable piece of clothing to adventure in. 

Additional information about Pants

For slightly younger children, onesies are usually the best solution. Onesies act as good protection against wear and tear of their undergarments. The cover pants are also sometimes called shell pants, thermal pants, or leisure pants. Most older children tend to prefer these as they wear less layers and do not prefer undergarments that are visible. Layering up with a combination of thermals, regular pants, and thick onesies is the optimal solution to cope with the really cold winter days. The advantage of dressing kids in layers is that it is easy to adjust their dressing according to the weather.

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