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Spring is here, nature is starting to regain its colors. What is better then to be out in nature and take part in trees, flowers, water, fishing and adventure? We dress for tomorrow's adventurers, let our clothes make it easy to be out. Right now the sun is warming up, make sure to be lubricated in sunscreen, dress smart, layer upon layer to be able to easily adapt the clothing to the weather. Have a wonderful stay outside.

For an active life out in the open, it is good to be putty to always be ready! When you least expect it, it is someone who is hungry, someone who is freezing, spontaneous swimming in the lake, the accident has occurred, and a patch must be taken out, anything can happen. We at Isbjörn of Sweden care about staying out in nature, and from our side we make sure that you are putty with clothes that both breathe, ventilate excess heat, protect against wind and wet - it is a good start to a fantastic adventure.

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