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The hard shell layer is the outer layer that protects against wind and rain. The wind- and water protection given by the outer layer, is a prerequisite in order to retain the warming effect of the insulation layer. One very important characteristic of the hard shell layer, is its ability to transport moist out of the garment and let off the surplus of heat from the body. The “breathability” of our ISBJÖRN garments is the key. With the proper insulation underneath, shell garments can be used independent of season and activity.

Shell jackets, rain jackets & winter jackets for juniors

Autumn and winter come with beautiful shifts in the leaves and hopefully a light snow cover at Christmas. With these seasons also comes cooler, wetter and windier weather. Then both children and young people need to have functionally adapted jackets to cope with any weather that awaits.

when it's time to choose new outerwear, it can be a struggle between buying a suitably adapted jacket or a stylish jacket. Now you do not have to struggle anymore and do not have to choose between looking good and dry. Isbjörn of Sweden wide range of jackets for autumn and winter is available in many cool models and color combinations. We dare to promise that the whole family will be happy with the purchase and that the jacket will last to be inherited, as well as to go out on the second-hand market when the children have grown out of it. With us, you get a jacket that lasts a long time and that withstands both shifts in weather and trends. That is why a purchase of one of our jackets is affordable and appreciated both for comfort and for the wallet.

Junior jackets for all styles and weather

The best jackets of the season are available in several different designs, both when it comes to design and color palette. In our range of lovely jackets for autumn and winter, you can choose between several types of jackets. For the wet and windy start of autumn, we offer shell jackets and lightweight jackets in lovely autumn colors and with practical hoods and collars. When the cold bites harder and winter approaches, it can be good to be able to change to a lined winter jacket with room for intermediate storage.

Our materials are selected to withstand the reality of everyday life and it is important to us that our jackets keep the heat as well as they hold together. In order for you to be able to extend the lifespan of the garments further, we also offer repair kits and detergents specially adapted to care for the garment for an extra long time.

Autumn offers forest play and hiking in wet terrain. Children love to climb on rocks and logs and then the everyday trousers do not last long. Instead, you need a pair of sturdy mid-length pants that keep you warm without restricting movement. Then you can let the children explore the forest and be sure that they come home dry and warm with rosy cheeks as the only weather influence.

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