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Winter hat and gloves for children

The finishing touch to every child's winter equipment is the accessories. Without a good hat and gloves, the winter game will be boring. Cold fingers are not enough when digging in the snow, and the cold creeps into the body very quickly. Most of the body's heat disappears through the head in the winter and therefore it is important to put the lid on so that the heat stays in the children and so that the play can last for hours.

Knitted hat for children

The hat is a garment that many children can feel a love affair with and may want to avoid. The battles can be many and long before it is time to go out or go to school. But a hat from Isbjörn is a joy to put your head in. Not only are they soft and very warming, they are stylish too! We have knitted hats that are both functional and cool. All children are different and so are our hats. We are sure that your child will find a favorite among our different models and colors. With our trendy and comfortable hats, the children will instead not want to take them off when they enter.

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