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Outdoor pants children

Children should be allowed to play outdoors, discover nature and get dirty. It is a happy childhood to be able to go on adventures - without feeling limited by what you are wearing on your legs. Here at Isbjörn you will find a collection of trousers that equip your child for all kinds of outdoor exploration. Pants that prepare your child to face wind, rain, sun, mud and snow. Yes, everything that nature can have to offer quite simply.

With us at Isbjörn, you can browse through our range of, among other things, shell trousers, winter trousers and fleece trousers for children. Which material is best suited simply depends on the purpose for which the pants are to be used. The shell trousers have a high ventilation capacity and durability and can be easily used as cover trousers. They also withstand both wind and rain as all our outerwear is waterproof. The winter trousers have a slightly stronger outer protection to withstand lower temperatures, not least on the ski slopes. The fleece pants on the other hand are for you who want it really cozy and an extra warm layer to keep warm on really cold winter days.

Hiking pants adapted for children

In recent years, more and more people have discovered the fascination of going out and hiking in nature. It has become a real family activity for families with children of all ages. Going out into nature, eating berries from the bushes, maybe seeing a deer and finishing by grilling sausages over an open fire is a fantastic experience. But it also requires the right kind of equipment. In other words, the right clothes and more specifically the right pants.

Isbjörn of Sweden has hiking pants for children, so that even the smallest members of your family can experience what nature has to offer. With a pair of trousers adapted to the activity, the visit to nature can be an absolutely fantastic experience, and perhaps also a seed for a future interest.

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