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Baby overalls- fleece, shells and padded

A newborn baby is always a little more frozen than older children - and above all more frozen than us adults. They need to be protected from the weather and wind. Without having to miss the fun of playing in snow, mud and sand for that matter. Of course, a baby overall is exactly what your baby needs. The classic winter garment keeps your baby clean and warm during all seasons. There is no age limit for when it is appropriate for a baby to start wearing overalls - it works just as well for a newborn. At Isbjörn, we are prepared for your baby to be able to use overalls in many different contexts and with different areas of use. Therefore, we offer overalls in various materials so that you can match overalls with purpose.

Baby overalls for both summer and winter

An overall is of course mainly associated with winter, but with us at Isbjörn you will also find overalls for the summer. Here are baby overalls made of wool and fleece that are as cozy as possible to crawl into for your little one. No matter what time of year it is.

Among our products, you will also be able to choose from more classic winter overalls and, for example, hardshel overalls. They can handle the rainiest winter days and the most muddy excursions. It is simply clothes for the weather in its most beautiful definition. With Isbjörns baby overalls, you do not have to choose between protecting the child from the cold or letting the baby play outside. Our overalls give you both.

It is important for your baby to discover nature. Now your child can do it by dressing warmly, comfortably with great mobility and with high quality. Isbjörn of Sweden offers a great variety of baby overalls in terms of both color and size. There is guaranteed to be something here for all playful and curious babies.

Durable lightweight overall

On this page you can find a perfect lightweight overall for your child who lives up to the requirements you want to be able to make on a garment that is used for outdoor play. The child should be able to stretch out and play properly, without feeling limited by the clothes he or she is wearing. Here is the overall your child needs, of course in the favorite color.

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