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Jackets children

We all want our children to be outdoors. That they should be able to be out and discover the world and nature and at the same time breathe fresh air. As a parent, it can of course also be easier to get some peace and quiet if you know that the children have been allowed to play in an outdoor environment before they enter. Everyone needs fresh air, not least our children. At the same time, Sweden has a climate that means that we need to dress for the weather if we are to be able to let children be outdoors all year round.

All children therefore need jackets. Not least, your child needs a solid winter jacket to continue to be able to be outdoors and enjoy nature and fresh air even during the winter. At Isbjörn, there is a faithful selection where you can find everything from winter jackets, shell jackets and rain jackets for your child. So that the weather never has to be a reason not to play outside.

Jacket with intermediate layer for varied play

It is not important to only dress warmly when you are outdoors in cold weather. It is also important that you dress the child smartly. When your children are out playing, they will alternate between running sweaty until they sit down and do some more sedentary activity. Then you do not want the drops of sweat to cool down your child. If you choose a jacket from Isbjörn with intermediate storage for your child, it stays warm enough when it moves due to the high ventilation capacity, while the child is protected from both wind and cold when it is time for a break.

Never let temperature, snow or rain be the reason for the child not to be allowed to move or play outdoors. At Isbjörn you will find jackets adapted to all kinds of weather conditions and activities. In addition, they are both stylish, functional and most important of all: safe for your child and our environment.

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