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CLOTHING CARE - take care of the clothes in the right way.

Take care of the clothes so they last longer.

When you have invested in a premium product, we think you should take care of it a little extra. Below we tell you about how our outerwear should be washed, dried and impregnated so that they maintain the quality and technical function that all our outerwear has.

Did you know, for example, that our outerwear is advantageously tumble dried? Below we hope you get answers to all your laundry questions!

How do I wash children's outerwear?

We know that it can be difficult to keep children's clothes clean for more than a few days. Muddy schoolyards or sleet can be a challenge to say the least. If you have also invested in premium garments, you want it to last a long time, but washing the garments too often is neither good for the material nor our environment. So how should you think?

In order for the garments to retain their fantastic properties, we first and foremost recommend that you use a wet cloth and dry the garment as much as possible. Many times it is enough to keep it reasonably clean for a few more days before a wash is needed.

When it's time to wash the garment, we recommend gentle washing at 40 degrees Celsius. Be careful not to turn the garment inside out. Feel free to use liquid detergent, which is adapted to our calcareous waters. Avoid perfumed detergents as well as fabric softeners and bleach. Isbjörn of Swedens outerwear is designed with a membrane on the inside and the outer fabric is treated with a water-repellent organic impregnation called Eco Bionic Finish. These technical properties are fantastic, but be sure not to wash at higher degrees than recommended.

However, it is very good to give the garments heat, after washing - read more about it below. Last but not least - close all zippers and snap buttons and velcro at the cuffs.

Wash Instruction – We recommend all clothes from ISBJÖRN to be washed in 40 degrees Celsius gentle cycle, except wool garments where we recommend 30 degrees gentle cycle. Wash the garments with similar colors / Outerwear separately (Not inside out). Use liquid detergent, which washes more efficiently in calcareous water. Avoid perfumed detergents and do not use fabric softeners or bleach. Close all zippers, buttons and velcro fasteners before wash.


Wash the fleece

Fleece is a great product to use, but we recommend washing the garment less often as fleece contains microplastics.
Air the garment, that will go a long way. You can also spot wash any stains.
If the fleece really needs to be washed, we recommend using the Guppyfriend laundry bag. It captures microplastic particles that synthetic materials can emit in the wash, preventing these from ending up in our lakes and oceans. The bag also makes the clothes wash more gently, which makes them last longer!

Wash Wool

Wool is a grateful material that does not attract much dirt. Therefore, it is usually sufficient to simply brush off and air the garment. Our woolen garments can be washed at 30 degrees, but we recommend that you try to avoid washing the garment often, many times it is enough to ignore and air the garment to keep it clean and fresh. For machine washing, detergent adapted for wool is recommended as it is kinder to wool, some other detergents contain enzymes which unfortunately dissolve the proteins that wool consists of.


All garments except those in wool blend can be tumble dried and dried in a drying cabinet. Remember to always use low temperature (<40 degrees Celsius) when tumble drying and when drying in a drying cabinet. If the temperature is too high> 40 degrees Celsius, the taped seams inside the garments can come off, and the garments might risk not being 100% waterproof. The outer wear must be dried in heat to reactivate the water-repellent properties.


Our shell garments and lined outer garments contain a waterproof membrane on the inside of the durable outer fabric. It is the membrane that makes the material waterproof and ventilates excess heat. 

Our ecological impregnation Eco Bionic Finish, which is completely free of chemicals, needs a little extra treatment at regular intervals. This means a couple of times per year depending on how often the garment is washed. Both Nikvax and OrganoTex offer two different impregnations. One is a spray bottle and the other is a liquid agent you pour directly into the washing machine when you wash the garment.

We think the spray is easy and practical to apply and works best for the type of membrane we use in our garments. 

Think a little extra about what you are treating your rain and outdoor clothing with. If you choose washing and impregnation from Swedish OrganoTex, you can be sure that they are bio-based, biodegradable and PFAS-free - so that nothing remains in nature. Here you can read more about OrganoTex and their laundry and impregnation products.

We recommend OrganoTex and Nikvax products for washing and impregnating.

This bubbly surface is caused by the hydrophilic properties of the PU membrane.

If the surface of the material becomes “bubbly” it means that the functionality is as it should be. The bubbles will appear when the material has a great moisture permeability function. When the child gets warm, “pressure” becomes greater than outside. PU membrane then absorbs this sweat, then transfer it from high pressure to low pressure and finally transfer the sweat outwards and keep the child dry and comfortable.

Another factor is when the outside of the material is also exposed to water. Then this PU membrane also absorbs the water because the PU membrane is hydrophilic. This makes the material´s surface bubbly. This membrane also has a strong WP function (water column), so the water doesn´t enter through the material. When the material is dry again, the water is removed from the PU membrane, and the material returns to normal again.  Bubbles can´t be avoided on this soft yet durable material when using this fantastic membrane

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