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Cloth Care

Wash Instruction – We recommend all clothes from ISBJÖRN to be washed in 40 degrees gentle cycle, except wool garments where we recommend 30 degrees gentle cycle. Wash the garments with similar colors / Outerwear separately (Not inside out). Use liquid detergent, which washes more efficiently in calcareous water. Avoid perfumed detergents and do not use fabric softeners or bleach. Close all zippers, buttons and velcro fasteners before wash.

Drying - All garments except those in wool blend can be tumble dried and dried in a drying cabinet. Remember to always use low temperature Polyester (<40 degrees) when tumble drying and when drying in a drying cabinet. If the temperature is too high> 60 degrees, the taped seams inside the garments can come off, and the garments might risk not being 100% waterproof. The outer wear must be dried in heat to reactivate the water-repellent properties.

Impregnation - Our shell garments and lined outer garments contain a waterproof membrane on the inside of the durable outer fabric. It is the membrane that makes the material waterproof and ventilates excess heat. In order to maintain the water-repellent properties of the outer fabric itself, i.e. the fabric's own ability to repel moisture, the garments sometimes need to be re-impregnated, especially since we´re using Eco Bionic Finish which need a little bit more love and care. We recommend NIKVAX products which you can also find here in our shop. Pls re-impregnate on a regular basis, a few times each season.


This bubbly surface is caused by the hydrophilic properties of the PU membrane.

If the surface of the material becomes “bubbly” it means that the functionality is as it should be. The bubbles will appear when material has a great moisture permeability function. When the child gets warm, “pressure” becomes greater than outside. PU membrane then absorbs this sweat, then transfer it from high pressure to low pressure and finally transfer the sweat outwards and keep the child dry and comfortable.

Another factor is when the outside of the material is also exposed to water. Then this PU membrane also absorbs the water because the PU membrane is hydrophilic. This makes the material´s surface bubbly. This membrane also has a strong WP function (water column), so the water doesn´t enter through the material. When the material is dry again, the water is being removed from the PU membrane and material returns to normal again.  Bubbles can´t be avoided on this soft yet durable material when using this fantastic membrane

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