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Our collection range

Our loving children and teens deserve the best. Our collection of functional outerwear offers a high technical function, which also takes into account the safety of our children and our environment. Without compromise. We are talking about equipment that can withstand a little tougher (weather) games, without giving way.

By making our clothes in the best materials and making most of them expandable in size, we offer a function and a durability in reality that not only benefits your child but also contributes to more sustainable consumption and resource use and a shared responsibility for our environment.


No sweat, just glory. Our base layers are masters of moisture management. If they get wet, they’ll dry quickly. Keeping young ones warm and happy for hours of outdoor fun. Plus the soft, durable wool and polyester blend is really easy to wash and care for.



Looking for an adventure buddy? Look no further. Outdoorsy youngstersdeserve the best. Isbjörn midlayers are crafted from durable, top-performance materials that offer as much warmth as the season requires. Metting out moisture when play gets intense. Breathing style and stamina. Let’s have some fun together.



When you’re wild at heart, you need outdoor gear that moves with you. Our Trek & Trail collection offers versatile durability for outdoorsy youngsters. Cool, comfort-able and quick-drying garments for everyday play and adventure. Give them some good wild times.


Waterproof garments are not hard to find. But highly breathable waterproof ones, that are also green at heart, are a rare breed. Outdoorsy youngsters deserve top-performance gear, no compromises. Gear that can take a beating and keep out fierce winds and downpours. Not to mention look great too. Bring on the wet weather.


Forget clumsy winter clothing. Our insulated collection is designed for outdoor action. Up the slope, down the hill, on the trail and off-piste. Young explorers deserve great winter gear, no exceptions. Garments that
follow movements effortlessly. Highly breathable, waterproof and warm clothing that can take a beating.
Not to mention look fantastic, feel fantastic.


You can’t cheat in the outdoors. A simple hat may be just that — or a functional little garment that makes
exploring nature even more enjoyable. Our kids deserve the best outdoor gear. So we made a whole set of great accessories to match the rest of our range.
No cheating.


Isbjörn’s Sun wear takes care of UV rays so kids can enjoy the summer sun. Crafted from durable nylon stretch with reliable, non-chemical sun protection (UPF 50+). Cool and comfortable when summer heats up. And they dry in no time after a dip. Happy swimming.

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