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Family Hammarberg left Sweden in summer 2010 to sail around the world by sailboat “Mary of Rövarhamn” (“Mary of the harbour of robbery”). The two children Lovis and Otto were then two and four years old. The family has since sailed over 40,000 nautical miles, crossed the equator six times and visited almost fifty countries and island states. On February 3, 2014 they crossed their own route, and the family's circumnavigation was completed. The daughter Lovis was then seven years old and her brother Otto six years, which probably makes them the youngest circumnavigators of Sweden. The family expects to be back in Sweden just before school starts in August 2014.

"When sailing as we do, there is always a sheltered cove to hide in when the weather starts to get ugly. With clothes from ISBJÖRN of Sweden, we know that our children are warm and dry whatever the weather. That is a tremendous security, and also a prerequisite for the whole family to enjoy being on board", says Linda Hammarberg, mother of Lovis and Otto.

Follow the adventures of the Hammarberg Family on www.symary.com.

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