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Guide to Layering- how to dress your child

We at Isbjörn of Sweden advocate the layer-on-layer principle for your child's best interests in all weathers and seasons. That the children should be able to be out and play and be active without the weather being an obstacle is something we appreciate. We dress for tomorrow's adventurers.

Is it difficult to dress your child in various clothes? By dressing your child with the right material in several layers, it makes it easy for the child to put on and take off one layer when needed. Also thinking about what you should have closest to the body is important for the child so as not to get too hot or sweaty. Wool, fleece and shell clothing are good to start from

GUIDE: dress your child in layers upon layers

At Isbjörn, we want to make it easy and fun for children to be outside and play and be active. That's why we make clothes that are hard-wearing, functional and durable. The best way to keep your child warm in the winter and pleasantly cool in the spring heat is to dress your child according to the layer-on-layer principle. It makes it easy to vary the clothing if the temperature changes quickly or if the play and activities become intense. Have fun!

This is how the layer-on-layer principle works

All good things are three! Therefore, the layer-on-layer principle consists of the following layers:

  • Innermost layer – garment that keeps your child warm and dry.
  • The middle layer – garments that insulate the heat under the outer layer.
  • The outermost layer – garments that warm and protect against the elements.

Layer 1 – the innermost layer

The first layer's job is to keep your child warm and dry. Here, it is therefore important to choose garments that release excess heat and moisture, so that your child can be active for hours (without the clothes putting an end to the play). Our underwear is a master at moisture transport, and our soft, durable wool blends are easy to wash and keep their shape for a long time.

Which material should I choose for layer 1?

We recommend wool and bamboo. Wool is a natural material that has the properties that layer 1 requires. And even if the wool happens to get damp, it still keeps the body warm. Bamboo is a hypoallergenic material that is incredibly soft on the body.

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Layer 2 – the middle layer

The most important task of the intermediate layer is to act as a warming insulation. At the same time, it is important that the garment has good breathability, i.e. that it releases moisture but retains heat if your child sweats. Our intermediate layers are available in different thicknesses that can be adapted according to the season. It is also good to use more garments as an intermediate layer and take them off or on as needed.

Which material should I choose for layer 2?

Fleece, wool and polyester good materials that breathe and warm, where wool is the warmest.

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Layer 3 – the outer layer

The outermost layer of clothing must fulfill many functions - partly it needs to warm, partly it needs to protect against wind, rain and snow. And our garments have everything required! They are durable and flexible, durable and functional. With high breathability and smart reflective details, they let your child be active in an unhindered way!

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