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Bjornholmsallé 4

8260 Viby J, DENMARK

phone: +45 8614 1400

email: stm@stm-sport.dk


STM SPORT & FASHION A/S is a distributor of more than 40 premium brands. All carefully chosen in regards of the highest functionality, quality and a strong environmental profile. ISBJÖRN of SWEDEN has it all, and we are proud to represent a brand, that are working so hard to give our children the best possible terms to play and develop themselves.  Louise Bagger is the responsible account manager for ISBJÖRN.


ACE Alpine & Climbing equipment AG

Obere Dorfstrasse 2, Postfach 62


phone: +41 55 611 61 61

email: info@acesport.ch



ACE alpine & climbing equipment AG is a leading distributor for outstanding outdoor and mountaineering products since 1998.Responsible for ISBJÖRN is Beatrice Bolt. She has a long experience in the sport industry and also as a former national athlete in the Swiss national cross country team. Together with her 2.5 years young daughter Elin she get also a lot of experience for children outdoor activities and equipment.


RCT Japan inc,

Tokyo Meguro-ku Meguro-Honcho

6-12-21 Endo TN BLDG2F


email: info@rctj.com




We distribute Peak Performance, DB, ABS and of course ISBJÖRN.   RCT Japan loves outdoor sports and Scandinavian designs.   We love working with the ISBJÖRN Team and are very proud to be the chosen distributors for ISBJÖRN.

 Haru and Aki work for ISBJÖRN in Japan. We go skiing and snowboarding a lot during the winter, we spend the other seasons surfing.   We both have young kids who use the garments daily, we believe ISBJÖRN is the best choice for KIDS!!



Sliding Zone Imports

C/Feixa Ilarga 103

Hospitalet de LIobregat

08907 Barcelona, SPAIN

phone: 34 (0) 93 1624 351

email: info@slidingzone.com

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