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We aim to do the best possible outdoor wear ever

for the ones who needs it the most - our kids!

And to do so with the environment in mind. All the way.

Let children be children

We offer garments for children to enable them to be just children and to give them the possibility to play freely without having the garments constraining them. We say that children are Multisporters by Nature and so they are, but this love for being outdoors can also be easily destroyed by poor equipment. Our aim is that the children should be highly comfortable in wearing our garments, dry and perfectly insulated, independent of weather conditions and activity.

We listen to the children and their needs

All our garments are developed and tested on children. Who but they can tell us when we have succeeded or not? Only the best is good enough and we are not satisfied until the garment is perfectly constructed. Considering that small children are far more active than
adults and also tend to both loose temperature and sweat more easily, it is quite obvious for us that the children are the ones in most need of true functionality. Only the highest quality can bring you soft and smooth garments with a wind and waterproofness combined with an outstanding breathability. And we all know that there are no shortcuts!

Sustainability is key

Production of clothes affects the climate and the environment. We all know that. For every garment we can produce in recycled materials,
we are very happy and proud. We continuously strive to make our garments in materials thoroughly tested and approved for not being hazardous to the environment. Our garments endure tough times when used, but can still be handed over to a smaller sister, brother or a friend. Not only once, but twice and even three times. In that way we can together limit the use of natural resources – that is being environmentally friendly according to us!

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