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The boys are so happy in their clothes and they tear them every day! I get a lot of comments by other parents because they look so pretty in their colorful Isbjörn-clothes! To be out in the nature and enjoy outdoor life has allways been a big part of my life.
Functional, tough and comfortable clothes are therefore taken for granted and makes it possible for me to be outside regardless the weather.
Just as high demands do I put in my kids clothes because I think kids should be given the same conditions and not have to worry about being cold, wet or dirty. Thanks to the clothes from Isbjörn the whole family goes on exciting adventures, in all weathers, and the only thing we have to think about is to have a really great time! My boys,5, 4 and 2 years old have great joy and satisfaction with clothes from Isbjörn. Great functions, with resistant and matierials that's easy to handle makes them using Isbjörn clothes every day.

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