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Ski clothes

Time to buy ski clothes for your child?

Here you will find ski clothing for children, both ski jacket, ski pants, gloves and ski socks. The ski clothes are made of materials for children in motion. The material breathes, ventilates excess heat, is waterproof and extremely durable.

But, winter can also be a season that feels anything but fun. The explanation for this lies in the well-known motto that there is no bad weather - only bad clothes. It is almost completely true when it comes to winter and here you as a parent must give your children the right conditions in terms of clothing and make sure that the child - primarily - does not freeze. You should also make sure that the clothes breathe and that they feel good against the body and enable all possible activities without being in the way - or breaking for that matter.

When it comes to ski clothing, you should spend some time finding the right one. The wind can be terribly harsh in the mountains, while activating you to such an extent that a high level of ventilation is absolutely necessary so as not to sweat and thus get cold. Ski clothing must also withstand hard boots and skis that rub the garments, where the right reinforcement in the right place is a must if the garments are to last. Our ski clothes have the same high technical function as ski clothes for adults, but are adapted for children. < / p>

A good winter jacket will save the winter for your child

What is the good winter jacket for you as a customer and parent? For Isbjörn of Sweden, wear resistance is extremely important and something we have worked hard to achieve 100%, but of course it is equally important that the garments are also produced in environmentally friendly materials that are kind to your child. A winter jacket for children should also be waterproof and have a very high ventilation ability, as children move more than adults (generally speaking) and it is extremely important that the child can ventilate out excess heat to keep dry and moderately warm.

If not, your child will be soaked with sweat and there is also a health risk to consider. As with ski clothes, you will benefit from going up a little in price level when you buy a winter jacket for your child. This is regardless of whether it is about a winter jacket for a guy or a winter jacket for a girl. There are really only design differences and here we can directly say that the selection is gigantic both in terms of cut, in terms of colors, in terms of patterns and in terms of sizes. You will definitely find a winter jacket that fits your child like a glove - whether it is a guy or a girl.

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