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Test Patrol

Test Patrol 2023!

During the spring, we sought out children for "Tomorrow's Adventurers," an event to put our garments to the ultimate test!

We are proud to introduce our "Test Patrol" - an energetic and adventurous group of children aged 5-12. During a full day, we gave these adventurers a unique opportunity to test our clothes in a variety of exciting activities.

The day began with a challenging adventure course where the children could push their skills and our clothing to the maximum. Between climbing, balancing, and zip-lining, it was non-stop excitement! Alongside the course, we engaged the children in games, berry picking, and a fun nature bingo. During these activities, the children wore our outdoor pants, t-shirts, mid-layers in both wool and fleece. To protect against the sun, they also wore our caps and hats.

Midway through the day, we took a well-deserved break, grilling sausages by the campfire and giving the children a chance to recover and share their initial impressions. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive; the clothes felt comfortable and perfect for play and adventure.

After lunch, it was time for cycling! The children switched to our collection of Mountain Bike garments and set off on a ride through the terrain. Cycling provided another opportunity for our clothes to demonstrate their fit and functionality. The children also received hardshell clothing to take home and test and evaluate during the upcoming chilly and rainy autumn days.

As the day neared its end, we gathered for a concluding discussion. Happy and very proud, some children shared that the adventure course (even though it was a bit scary!) was their favorite part of the day, while others preferred the cycling.

Our Test Patrol day was incredibly successful and appreciated, and we are grateful to all the children and parents who participated and made this possible. Their feedback is incredibly important to us as they are the ones who will be wearing the clothes. Through their feedback and experiences, we can continue to develop clothing that meets the needs and wishes of children.

A big thank you from the entire Isbjörn team!

Also, a big thank you to the photographers Julia Nesterenko @fotografjulianesterenko and Iryna Teurnberg @photoloungeone_sthlm for the fantastic photos.

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