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Sustainability / Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

We have a big responsibility to make sure our garments are made in factories that treat their employees with respect.

To assure that our requirements are met, we make suppliers and producers sign our Code of Conduct.
Below is an outtake from our CoC.

International Labour Organization
We require suppliers and Producers to follow the standards set by ILO when it comes to:

  • Forced & Compulsory labor (ILO conv 29 and 105),
  • Freedom of Associating & Right to Collective Bargaining (ILO 87, 98, 135 and 154),
  • Child Labor (ILO conv no 138, 182, 79 as well as ILO recommendation no 146),
  • Discrimination (ILO conv no 100 and 11 as well as UN convention on discrimination against women)
  • Health & Safety (ILO conv No 155 and ILO recommendation no.1649)
  • Wages (ILO no 131)
  • Working Hours (ILO conv No 1 and 149


Measures to minimize impacts on human health and the environments shall be taken through the hole value chain.
This includes minimizing pollution and promoting an efficient and sustainable use of resources.

Animal welfare
We are strongly against mistreatment of any animals. Aspects such as traceability, sustainability, safety and animal welfare shall be taken into account when choosing suppliers of animal fibers.

Harsh or Inhumane Treatment
Workers shall be treated with dignity and respect. Abuse or threats of abuse, sexual harassment and verbal abuse are prohibited.

Boycott of Individual Countries
Isbjörn will not initiate business with suppliers located in countries boycotted by the United Nations and/or Swedish Authorities.

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