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The green heart means that everything we do is done with the best interests of the environment and the children in focus. It is the foundation of the company's existence and the heart of our business.

Our priority has always been to create environmentally friendly products that can be reused. Garments that are so durable that they can be inherited for generations. Reducing the number of products produced is also a large part of Isbjörns sustainability profile. By reducing the amount of products we use, we reduce the environmental impact. Less consumption means less production - which results in less pollution, less waste and less transport.


Our sustainability mission

Everyone knows that the production of clothes affects our climate, our environment and our children, therefore we make clothes from environmentally friendly materials and of extremely high quality. By extending the life of a garment by double, you halve the load on our planet ... and you just have to keep counting.


Our climate pledges

Our roadmap to reduce our emissions and become fully circular, so that we can contribute to the UN's goal of limiting our planet's temperature increase to 1.5 degrees by 2050.

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Our Responsibility- all the wat

We are completely free of PFA’s and PFO’s. Not only for our kids and their wellbeing, but also for workers in the factories and the surrounding communities.


Our materials

We do not launch new products every season. Instead, we continue our green promise to use the most durable fabrics, manufacturing processes and shipping. Our products have a long lifespan and we dress tomorrow's adventurers with high demands. We are a slow fashion brand


PHILOSOPHY - Buy less but better

Isbjörn of Sweden is a lifestyle brand that is at the forefront of sustainable clothing for children and young people. We want to inspire and encourage young families to enjoy and explore nature with their children. We dress tomorrow's adventurers.


How to dress - layer by layer

Our collection consists of different layers. Let us introduce you to the different layers and how to use them...


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