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Sustainability / CLIMATE JOURNEY

Our pledges

Making sustainable functional clothing with our children and the well-being of our nature in focus has always been our DNA. Our garments should withstand a lot of play, outdoor adventures and growing children. That said, we are fully aware that the fashion industry is a major contributor to the increase in global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, we have created a set of promises; a roadmap to reduce our emissions and become fully circular, so that we can contribute to the UN's goal of limiting our planet's temperature increase to 1.5 degrees by 2050. We will continue to create sustainable garments that will serve your family for many seasons while contributing to the UN climate goals and the Paris Agreement. You as a customer can help us by staying informed, taking care of your garments, and only buying what you need. Together with you, we will achieve our goals.

2022 Climate Journey

In 2022 Isbjörn will measure and report our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and, in accordance with UN’s goal, do our part to limit the global temperature rise to 34,7 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050.

But we want to take a bigger responsibility. Therefore, our goal is to reduce our emissions by at least 50% by 2033 and we aim to be at net zero emissions by 2045.

In order to achieve this we need to be fully circular;  use only recycled or biodegradable materials, work with renewable energy, and continue to support the harvesting of healthy forestry.

2026 Free of new Microplastics

We have already started phasing out virgin microplastics in our materials and by 2026 our collection will be completely microplastic free.

Microplastics are especially bad for our nautical life as the microbeads travel in the water stream from our households to the ocean and end up in the stomach of sea life The microbeads easily soak up harmful chemical and hurts the flora and ecosystem of the ocean. Often the microplastic travels right back to us and ends up in our stomach trough the seafood and fish we eat.

2030 We are Circular

Our mission is to become a fully circular brand.

We are constantly working on phasing out our virgin materials. It’s not an easy task to find recycled fibers that are as durable and water consumption strict as our BlueSign certified Nylon, but we won’t give up until we find them. It’s an important step to us becoming fully circular.

By 2030 all our materials will be 100% recycled or biodegradable, and our customers will be able to return worn out garments for either reselling or recycling so we can close our loop.

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